by Ginger Henry Geyer
Early in the gospel of Luke, the pregnant Mary visits Elizabeth and cries out a hymn of praise, traditionally known as the Magnificat. Read it, all of it, Luke 1:46-55. Alongside the beautiful words are scathing words. This isn’t merely a dutiful virgin’s thank-you for the fruit of her womb; it is a call to revolution.

And how is that revolution crafted? In Bruce Herman’s own words: “I actually want to harmonize with what is good and true in the tradition and allow it to speak through me. It’s not so much rebellion against the powers that be as it is a fulfillment of the true power — of love. Jesus before Pilate is my paradigm, who when confronted by naked power was un-cowed, but quietly asserted that it was not really power at all.” In Bruce’s commanding work, there is a similar dynamic as…

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