Q U 4 R T E T S

QU4RTETS No.1 (Spring);
oil and gold/silver leaf on wood; 97 x 60″
QU4RTETS is a collaborative touring exhibition and performance. The project participants include painters Bruce Herman and Makoto Fujimura, along with Yale composer Christopher Theofanidis––all in concert–– interacting with T. S. Eliot’s masterpiece , “Four Quartets”. The project began in winter of 2009 during a conversation over dinner at the initiative of Walter Hansen. The artists and composer were eventually commissioned to create new paintings and a score for piano and string quartet–in conversation with many others, including the theologian Jeremy Begbie.

The exhibition/concert has been shown and performed at Carnegie Hall; at Baylor, Duke, and Yale universities; at Gordon, Wheaton, Westmont, and Roanoke colleges, and will finish its USA tour at Cairn University, Philadelphia in Spring 2014. The exhibit then begins its international tour: Hong Kong University in September ’14; Kings College Chapel, Cambridge University Easter 2015; finally Hiroshima, Japan later in ’15.

For more information visit http://fujimurainstitute.org/qu4rtets/

Qu4rtets 02 Summer
QU4RTETS No.2 (Summer); oil and gold/silver leaf on wood; 97 x 60″
QU4RTETS No.3 (Autumn); oil and gold/silver leaf on wood; 97 x 60″
Qu4rtets 04 Winter
QU4RTETS No.4 (Winter); oil and silver/moon-gold leaf on wood; 97 x 60″